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Differences In Designing For Web And For Print

Most people believe that designing for print is the same thing as when designing for the internet. Professional designers know that this is not true. There are various cases in which a person that has more experience in web design[...]

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Print Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

by Katherine Tattersfield of Printfirm.com Reposted from Me Marketing Services The rise of online marketing leads many small business owners to abandon print advertising in favor of less expensive web based options. Why waste money on pricey print ads when internet outreach costs[...]

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Desiging an Event Flyer That Gets Attention

Visit a spot where there are lots of flyers. It’s best to visit a spot where event flyers tend to get posted, not the laundromat, where it’s mostly babysitting, housecleaning, and appliances for sale. Scan the flyers and note which ones stand out[...]

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